Random observations from abroad.

1.  The sun never sets on American pop music.  Lunch on Tuesday, I heard a Roy Orbison track from The Traveling Wilburys.  Wednesday night during dinner, the play list was late 50s, early 60s rock.  When asked, the waitress said it was the chef’s favorite music.  A waitress in Berlin gave the same reason for why we were listening to rock and roll while eating.  Maybe kitchen crews need high energy music.

2.  Speaking of rock and roll, I just learned that at 90, Chuck Berry, will be releasing a new album.  I saw Chuck Berry in a funky night club in Ithaca in 1972.  He’s clearly got more energy than I have.

3. Every morning I go off for coffee wandering the streets looking for cafes.  Europeans drink lots of coffee, but none of it is as good as what I get from Gimme! (in Ithaca).  But it is served more quickly, and it is cheaper.

4. And as I sit in a cafe this, reading my iPad and typing, I realize that I have seen no one else with a computer or tablet for days.  I suspect I am not in an area frequented by students.

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