Moravian Culture.

We arrived in Olomouc at an auspicious moment.  Saturday morning the town was celebrating a “hunt” festival. Festivities began with a parade into the upper square; sadly, I was not asked to serve as drum major.

I can only speculate that the guys in the capes and the hats are the huntsman.  The major event of the morning was a dog show, with handlers displaying their not really well-trained dogs.  During the Czech announcements, I could understand “setter,” “retriever,” and “springer spaniel.”  The high point, however, was avian, not canine.  

Like the Ithaca festival, this one featured lots of food, but of a particularly local variety:  potato pancakes, game, lots of pork, and sausages.

Our local hosts–Matthew, Martina, Sarah, and Nell–kept us busy and amused.  

We enjoyed the introduction to how other cultures entertain themselves.

One thought on “Moravian Culture.

  1. That bird! Wow! It would certainly have intimidated our Wilkie! A great picture of you and Nancy, too. Thanks for including the picture of Matthew and his family. What a wonderful festival, and trip!


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