On the Road to Olomouc

I have a friend who lives in Olomouc, an ex-pat who settled here 20 years ago, learned Czech, got a PhD from the University where he now teaches, and started a family, so we stopped off on our way to Krakow.

Not quite Kansas, but those are dried corn stalks in the distance.

Beyond the open farm land and pastures the route lead through a hilly area, lined with narrow valleys.  Fall is not far advanced in this part of the world.  A quick impression:  the dominant color is yellow with just a bit of dull red.  No maples trees here, I suspect.

I learned from Matthew, my Olomouc friend, that the town was destroyed during the Thirty Years War, and then rebuilt. And rebuilt later as it grew to a city of 150,000.  The old town retains its 17th century facade.

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